Finding Time to Become a Better Developer

The main thing in the shelter is that people you were trying to help would steal from you.

You’d be watching a movie on your computer, and they’d be sitting there waiting on you to fall asleep so they can go by and grab it. You couldn’t hardly get up: if you leave anything behind when you go to the bathroom, you come back and it would be gone. And worse, they’d steal from you, and they’d let you know they did it — because if you get into an altercation it can result in you being on the street.

So you know, if they steal your phone, you just have to let it go. I had two cell phones stolen from me. Hell, one guy stole my phone and tried to sell it back to me. It was a free phone! I was like Nah, I got this phone for free: I couldn’t afford to pay for it when they gave it me, what makes you think I can afford it now?





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